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Parent’s Code of Conduct


Below are just a few of the responsibilities of each Cardinal Football parents.  By signing at the bottom, you acknowledge that you understand and will follow the guidelines and rules below:


1.      My child will emulate my actions.  I will encourage my player to give 100% all of the time, even if the game is not going well. Win or lose, my player deserves to see the positive in each game.

2.      There will be times that I will need to volunteer my time to help the team. I understand that this is part of being a Cardinal Football parent.

3.      I won’t point out the mistakes made by my player, coach, official, or a teammate. We all have fallen prey to blaming an official, coach or another player for the loss. When to practice and affect how he perceives his teammates or coaches.

4.      I understand that the Football Board asks all parents to allow just one voice giving instruction to players, and that voice is the coach.  Second guessing coaches on the sidelines, at home or even on the ride home, can be destructive to a team. I will remember that there are 22 or more players on every tram and all players must play 12 plays. I agree that this not high school where only the best players get to play.

5.      I will keep in mind is that this is ‘youth football’. This game is for my child.

6.      I will always be a team “player” while supporting my child and team and will let my child work out any issues that occur on the field without my interference.

7.      I won’t dwell on a loss as it may make my player feel that they need to do the same.

8.      A time may come when I want or need to talk to a coach. There are certain things that are open for discussion: how to help my child improve, my child’s grades are slipping, or I have noticed a change in my child’s behavior while they are with the team. I should not discuss my displeasure about playing time, coaching philosophies, and most importantly, I will never talk about players other than my own.

9.      If my child ever says that they, or other players, can hear me on the field and it was embarrassing, I will take note

10.   There are certain actions that SPYFL, Cardinal Football nor the PYFL will allow. Parents and guests that are reported being involved in using profanity, berating players, berating officials, verbally or physically fighting with parents from either team, smoking, using drugs or alcohol or have been removed from a playing field will have their actions reviewed by the Football Board of Directors to determine what, if any, disciplinary action will be taken.

11.   I will remember that the only words my player wants to hear are “I love watching you play’.”

12.   I will remain positive regarding the entire organization including coaches, board members, and other Cardinal families on all Social Media sites.


Signature by one parent/guardian constitutes recognition of the Parent Code of Conduct for an entire family and their guests. Any reports that a family is not following any of the above rules, may have their behavior reviewed by the Cardinal Football Board of Directors to determine if any disciplinary action is needed.


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