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Player’s Code of Conduct


Below are just a few of the responsibilities of each Cardinal Football players.  Please read this form with your child. By signing at the bottom, you acknowledge that you understand and will follow the guidelines and rules below:


1.      I asked to sign up for football because I have the desire to learn and play the game

2.      I will always maintain good sportsmanship. Cardinal Football, or the PYFL, will tolerate vulgar language, taunting, fighting, talking back (to coaches, adult volunteers or other people in positions of authority) or any behavior that may injure another player. Any action, of this sort, can result in disciplinary measures or even suspension from the team.

3.      During scrimmages and games, I will always respect the officials and their authority. I will not boo, taunt, or refuse to shake hands.

4.      I will follow the rules that have been set by my coach.

5.      Cardinal Football makes safety a priority. Missing practice or not paying attention during practice, can affect the way I play. If I need to miss any practice or games, I will make sure the team manager or coach knows at least 24 hours in advance if possible.

6.      Football is a team sport. There are always 22 players on the field. Every player on the team must get 12 plays every game. I understand that I may not get to play every down of a game. I also understand that the coach may need me to play a position that is not my favorite, in order to help the team.

7.      I will not use any drugs, tobacco, and alcohol.

8.      I will do my best in school and agree that school will always come before football. I will maintain at least a “C” average. If my grades drop below a “C” average I may not be allowed to practice or play in games until my grades meet the “C” average.

9.      Cardinal Football has let use a helmet, shoulder pads and game pants. These items must be turned in at the end of the season. I will take care of this equipment as if it were my own.


Any reports that a player is not following any of the above rules, may have their behavior reviewed by the Cardinal Football Board of Directors to determine if any disciplinary action is needed. In a severe case, a player may be removed from the Cardinal Football program without a refund.


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